Centro “Danilo Dolci”

Centre for Creative Development “Danilo Dolci” is a non-profit organisation composed by youth and adults. Our main field of interest is education.

Our organisation born from the educational and working experience of the great pacifist Danilo Dolci and his collaborators that operated in Trappeto and Partinico, two small towns near Palermo, and in all the region of Sicily. Through popular self-analysis, nonviolent fight, meetings that involved thousands of people, it was possible to create the conditions for a real change and development. The first organisation created by Danilo and his collaborators was constituted in the 50’, the Centre for Studies and Initiatives, and its main aim was to promote the social, economic, cultural and educational development at local and regional (Sicily) level. After this centre transformed in the Centre for Creative Development that had the main aim of promote the reciprocal maeutic approach (innovative approach developed by Danilo Dolci) in schools and educational institutions and train teachers and educators in this innovative and human methodology of education. After Danilo’s dead, in 1998, the organisations becomes to be called Centre for Creative Development “Danilo Dolci”.

Nowadays the main aims of the organisation are:

  • Disseminate the life and work of Danilo Dolci;
  • Promote education to children, youth and adults through the reciprocal maieutic approach;
  • Promote the reciprocal maieutic approach in the school context and at international level;
  • Educate for peace and nonviolence;
  • Educate to group work as a tool for cultural, social and civic promotion;
  • Promote active citizenship and participative democracy between youth people;
  • Promote the grass root participation of all in the development.

The main activities through which the organisation tries to achieve these aims are:

  • Organise maieutic workshops in schools, universities, organisations and institutions;
  • Organise cultural and educational activities that promote the life and work of Danilo Dolci;
  • Make that the books Danilo wrote during his life are published again and organise new anthologies that gather his most important writings;
  • Organise European projects (seminars, training courses, youth exchanges, etc) that involve youth from diverse countries, about the themes of nonviolence, peace, active participation and reciprocal maieutic;
  • Organise European projects in the sphere of adult education using as privileged method the reciprocal maieutic approach.


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