We are engaged in the growth and development of the communities and contexts with which we cooperate, through the active involvement of people, civil society, institutions and the enrichment of diversity.



CESIE – Centre of European Studies and Initiatives – is a non-profit and independent European non-governmental organisation. It was founded in 2001, inspired by the work and methods of Danilo Dolci.

The organisation works towards the promotion of cultural, educational, scientific and economic development at both local and international levels through the employment of innovative and participative tools and methodologies.

CESIE has 6 operative offices and coordinates a global federation.


  • Promote intercultural dialogue
  • Support social inclusion and equal opportunities
  • Facilitate lifelong education and training
  • Foster responsible and supportive global development
  • Develop and support networking at local and international levels
  • Encourage international cooperation



CESIE constantly seeks out new methodologies, acting as a bridge between research and knowledge in both formal and non-formal education spheres.

The Reciprocal Maieutic Approach and grassroots participatory planning methods developed by Danilo Dolci characterises CESIE’s work. Other methods employed include UNESCO’s Four Pillars of Education, Lateral Thinking and Learning by Doing.



The coordinating office is in the centre of Palermo, however we have operative offices in in Floriana (Malta), Alessandria (Egypt), Dakar (Senegal), Kathmandu (Nepal) and Bhubaneshwar (India).

CESIE coordinates the CESIE Federation which is composed of over 60 organisations in Europa, Africa, Asia and Latin America, who actively participate in the implementation of our mission.


  • International non-governmental organisation, recognised by the European Commission and the Council of Europe
  • Non-governmental organisation, recognised by Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Accredited body by Sicilian Region for Professional Training
  • Sicilian Coordinator of Anna Lindh Foundation Network
  • Coordinator and founder of local and International networks including EuroMed Gender Connection e Euro-India Network
  • Recognised University Association – Università degli Studi di Palermo
  • Founding member of EuroMed Youth Platform
  • Accredited organisation for sending, hosting and coordinating organisation for the European Voluntary Service (EVS)programme, Italian National Civil Service, Recognised Organisation for the Promotion of Integration and Equal Opportunities



CESIE’s activities and projects are organized into six independent departments that work closely with each other in order to ensure an integrated approach.


International Cooperation

Works towards the promotion of dialogue and European participation in the development of other regions through the development of integrated projects that respond to each context’s actual needs.


Promotes the mobility of youths and adults abroad, allowing them to enrich their cultural and professional skills through experience.

European Cooperation

Links the local with Europe through educational, cultural, research and training activities and interventions that actively involve a wide range of stakeholders and European citizens of all ages.

Vocational Training

Promotes enriching training opportunities that enhance the development and consolidation of competences necessary for the world of work.

Socio-Cultural Promotion

Develops projects that respond to the educative and cultural needs identified in the relevant social context. The interventions are predominantly developed in Palermo’s city centre areas.

Italian National Civil Service

Permits Italians to contribute to the growth and development of their local community in Italy or to promote sustainable cooperation with communities abroad in our offices throughout the world.



Council of Europe / Council of Palermo

Directorate General for Education and Culture of the European Commission

Directorate General of External Relations of the European Commission

Directorate General of Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities

Directorate General for Justice, Freedom and Security of the European Commission

Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures

Foundation for the South / President of the Council of Ministers: National Civil Service


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