CJD FrechenTask of the CJD Berufsbildungswerk (BBW) Frechen

The main emphasis of our work is professional and social rehabilitation. In the CJD BBW Frechen 250 young women and men live and study during their rehabilitation during which they receive vocational training in over 25 professions. The training ends with an examination at the responsible chambers for industry and trade.
An experienced team of instructors, teachers, social education workers and psychologists accompanies and supports the rehabilitation process. The process is completed with close collaboration with our partners.

Target groups

Our rehabilitation is primarily aimed at young people who have left special schools for educationally handicapped people or from a junior high school who, due to their special needs, are not able to find or complete any training vacancy on the general training market.

International work

The CJD – BBW Frechen is engaged in the international work for many years, which includes projects with various partners in Wales, Poland and France. Currently we are partners in the EU – Programs LAUTC (Grundtvig) and Daphne. For information about Daphne click here:


More Information?

More about our facilities and our offer under www.cjd-bbw-frechen.de. Unfortunately only in German language.In English you’ll find interesting information about the CJD – Germany under the following link: