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Hogeschool RotterdamNetherlands – Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Rotterdam University

Rotterdam University (Hogeschool Rotterdam) is one of the major Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands: over 28,000 young people study for a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Rotterdam University is a multi-sectoral institution specializing in the sectors: Arts, Media & Design, Education (teacher-training colleges), Behaviour and Society, Health Care, Economics and Business Administration, and Engineering and Technology. Nearly all professional fields are represented in the University’s programmes.

Rotterdam University prepares students for a profession in a multicultural society, a global economy and on an internationally oriented labour market. The study programmes combine

a sound foundation of knowledge and skills with an intensive orientation on practice. At Rotterdam University, a final thesis is specifically tested for the extent of innovation to the student’s future professional area. This element is highly valued. Taking a study programme at Rotterdam University results in highly trained professionals well prepared for further careers.

Accreditation and Quality Assurance

Rotterdam University has been conferred the status of a recognized and funded institution and all programmes are registered in the Central Register of Higher Education Study Programmes (CROHO). The quality of the certificate that students receive from Rotterdam

University is guaranteed through participation in the national system of legal regulation and quality assurance, which is closely monitored by the The Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO).

Outside in, Inside out

Rotterdam University, being the centre of expertise that it is, is inextricably linked with the City of Rotterdam and closely involved in the economic and social developments of the Rotterdam region. All study programmes of Rotterdam University clearly address issues that are relevant to the region. The students of Rotterdam University are often asked to participate in numerous projects requiring a multidisciplinary approach, at the instigation of companies and social organizations. At the same time, Rotterdam University uses the hands-on experience of its partners to enrich its theoretical instruction. This is the essence of the university’s view on education: outside in – inside out. Gaining knowledge from professional practice and applying knowledge in practice. A win-win cycle of knowledge, beneficial to all parties involved.

School of Social Work

Within Rotterdam University you’ll find the School of Social Work (ISO), which comprises four different course programmes and a general foundation year, and offers full time and part time studies.

Within the School of Social Work students are trained to create opportunities of any kind, including educational activities for disadvantaged  groups. Our graduates are meant to enhance the quality of living for individuals, groups and organisations. Through informal educational, social, (multi)cultural, recreational or artistic activities, which combine enjoyment, challenge and learning, graduates are able to realise potential and improve life opportunities and promote social cohesion.

In order to promote people’s personal and social development and give them a voice, influence and place in their communities and society as a whole, students learn to actively initiate strategic coalitions and partnerships and plan for the long-term sustainability of their initiatives.

Website of Rotterdam University : www.hogeschoolrotterdam.nl


Trainers: Hans Donders (j.h.f.m.donders@hro.nl )and Eveline Wind (E.Wind@hro.nl )

Coordinator: Anja Stofberg (J.Stofberg@hro.nl )