INTRAS FoundationINTRAS (Research and Treatment in Mental Health) functions as a non-profit organization, looking for quality in research and intervention with public health groups. The organization is nowadays composed of several centres for social inclusion and psychosocial and labour rehabilitation in Spain. INTRAS strives towards improving the quality of life of people suffering from mental disorders, disabled and old people by providing social and sanitary assistance and promoting research, development and innovation. INTRAS has thus been involved in many European and national projects in the educational, social and cultural field in order to promote social inclusion of its beneficiaries as well as to develop activities concerning assistance, research, evaluation and dissemination of actions related to mental health and social inclusion in general. Specific goals of INTRAS in this context are the following:

To promote and develop assistance programmes and activities for the target groups

To promote and develop projects of technological research and innovation which can be useful for our target groups

To promote programmes of psycho-social and professional integration for disadvantaged people. In this regards, INTRAS favours the employment of people with disabilities and individuals at risk of marginalisation, supporting their professional integration and encouraging the establishment of enterprises which incorporate the employment of these target groups amongst their priorities.

To improve the quality of research and assistance programmes through training projects, courses and the publication of documents, books and any other kind of texts concerning these issues

To encourage the adoption and effective implementation of technological progresses on mental health and other disabilities groups

To promote cooperation and research projects to boost development in the public health field together with Latin-American countries, as well as to promote and develop projects of technological research and innovation in collaboration with other EU Member States