E-learning modules

Training course: e-learning modules

The e-learning modules aim to complement the in-presence modules with a diverse methodological tool that permit also to develop specific transversal competencies (such ICT skills, individual and independent study skills, etc). The e-learning modules focused on the learning of diverse knowledge, skills/competencies and attitudes/values necessary to carry on educational activities/training with adult learners.

  • Duration of the e-learning modules: 6 months (Mag-Oct 10)
  • N. hours: total 5 modules of 3 hours each = 15 hours

All partners implemented the same working programme, which includes the following modules:

1st Module: Gender differences

2nd Module: Democracy and Social Inclusion

3rd Module: Identity and Otherness

4th Module: Culture of Peace and Nonviolence

5th Module: Intercultural Dialogue