In-presence modules

Training course: in-presence modules

The in-presence modules aim to deliver a TC to ALS using the RMA method and with the goal to facilitate the learning and acquisition of diverse knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to carry on educational activities/training with adult learners.

  • Duration of in-presence modules: 6 months (May-Oct 10).
  • N. hours: total 8 encounters of 5 hours each.

All partners implemented a similar working programme in order to have a strong and cooperative ground to develop the RMA manual and the project itself, which includes 8 in-presence modules. More specifically:

  • 4 fundamental modules based on themes experimented by CSC and that are relevant to human and community development, which include:

1st Module: Teaching vs education

2nd Module: Transmission vs communication

3rd Module: Power vs domination

4th Module: Creativity

  • plus other 4 modules, which include:

5th Module: Adult Education

6th Module: Interculturality

7th Module: Cooperation

8th Module: Conflict Transformation